Chiropractor in Markham

Chiropractor for my neck pain and headach?

Chiropractic is a hands-on, non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical health care discipline used to treat disorders of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems as a means of improving overall health.

Chiropractic is a healthcare profession focusing on diagnosing and treating disorders that affect your bones, muscles and joints. Chiropractors mainly focus on manipulation of the spine, but they may use other techniques too.

Headaches are a common complaint that chiropractors receive from people of all ages. Migraines are a usual condition that can affect numerous Canadians of all ages and backgrounds and which can be absolutely debilitating. These backbreaking headaches may be recurrent and extremely painful and could see people spending hundreds in pain relief medication every year. alternatively, why not consider preventative treatment from a chiropractor? Treatments devised to help reduce migraines and headaches have been offered by chiropractors for many years. By investigating and understanding the root cause of your migraine, treatment and exercises could be designed to reduce your symptoms and prevent relapses.

At Caspian Rehab our healthcare providers have several treatment methods available.

Here are some of the techniques that our chiropractors use:

Adjustments and manipulation

is the most widely used and normally recognized chiropractic treatment. This technique is controlled, quick force to specific joints and targeted areas of the body in order to increase the patient’s range of motion and stimulate the nervous system.

Soft tissue therapy

“Soft Tissue Therapy is the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of soft tissues of the body including muscles, tendons and ligaments. It is applicable not just to sports people but to anybody wishing to guard against or recover from a soft tissue injury.”

SMA, The Association for Soft Tissue Therapists

Exercises/Strengthening and stretches


Our chiropractors can treat the following conditions





Muscle spasms

Bad posture

Sports injuries

Limited range of motion

Pregnancy care

Back, neck & joints pain





Headaches & Migraines

Herniated discs