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Chiropractic care


The benefits of Chiropractic care go beyond pain management, range of motion, injury recovery and flexibility when chiropractor adjustments are paired with good health practices, they can improve neurological health, immune function, disease prevention and more!

Chiropractors manipulate the spine to relieve pressure on nerves and restore mobility. They also apply heat and/or cold to reduce inflammation and ease pain. Trigger points are painful knots in muscles that can cause headaches, backaches, shoulder aches, and arm numbness. Electronic stimulation relieves pain by sending mild electrical impulses through the affected area.

At Caspian Rehab, our chiropractor in Markham take an inside out approach to rebuilding health by addressing the root cause of disease. Chiropractic care supports the human body and withstanding the force of daily living and maintaining a perfect spine shape, as a result strength and mobility are optimized helping to improve your function throughout the body.

Spinal Decompression

Disc decompression tables are used in non-surgical spinal decompression therapy and are believed to offer several potential benefits. While individual results may vary, some of the benefits associated with disc decompression tables include:

  1. Pain relief: Spinal decompression therapy aims to alleviate pain associated with conditions such as herniated discs, bulging discs, or degenerative disc disease. By reducing pressure on nerves and relieving compression within the discs, it may help alleviate pain symptoms.
  2. Improved disc health: Decompression therapy may promote the movement of nutrients, oxygen, and fluids into the discs. This enhanced circulation can potentially aid in the healing process and improve the health of the discs.
  3. Non-invasive and non-surgical: Disc decompression therapy is a non-invasive treatment option that doesn’t involve surgical intervention. It offers a conservative approach for individuals seeking alternatives to surgery or who are not suitable candidates for surgical procedures.
  4. Customizable treatment: Disc decompression tables often allow for customization based on the patient’s specific condition and needs. The traction forces can be adjusted to target specific spinal segments or areas of concern, providing a personalized treatment approach.
  5. Minimal downtime: Spinal decompression therapy is typically an outpatient procedure, and patients can often resume their daily activities shortly after each session. Compared to surgical interventions, recovery time is generally minimal.

It’s important to note that while disc decompression therapy can be beneficial for some individuals, it may not be suitable or effective for everyone. The decision to pursue this therapy should be made in consultation with a qualified healthcare professional who can assess your condition and recommend the most appropriate treatment options for you.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy offers a normal traditional treatment method that relieves musculoskeletal pain for many patients. Our office provides specific massage and muscular therapy that is personalized to meet the patient’s condition and injury. 

Massage Therapy has a therapeutic effect on the body and optimizes health and well-being by acting on the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems. Massage Therapy can relieve muscular pain and tension, improve the function of muscles and bones, as well as blood flow and lymphatic drainage. At Caspian Rehab our Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) offer personalized therapy based upon assessment of your areas of discomfort and tension, as well biomechanical issues, including improper posture.