Gardening and Back pain

Gardening is a favorite activity enjoyed by many and as the growing season progresses so does
back trouble. Working outdoors in the garden or those who are landscapers often experience
back issues from time-to-time and this is (usually) treated quite easily.
Tips for managing lower back pain when gardening:
Do Before Gardening Back Stretches
Do not garden for longer than 20-30 minutes at a time.
Every five minutes or so, stand up and perform the easy back bends
Avoid standing and bending forward from the waist. If you need to be near the ground, as
for weeding, set both knees on a pad, support yourself with one hand, keeping the neck in
a normal position and the back as straight as possible
hot or cold compresses can alleviate pain
If pain persists visit to a physical therapist or chiropractor